grateful hearts

 Abkhazia finding itself in the
 centre of geopolitical interests of the world powers endured burden of the modern war. In this trouble it didn“t remain in loneliness. People of the good will and first of all brothers from the Nothern Caucasus lent it a helping hand. People“s memory will keep forever names of volunteers who sacrificed their lives to the victory. We, adults, are eternally indebted to the heros“ children. Fund of Abkhazia“s Youth and Centre of Humanitarian Programs (non-government charity organization) worked out a project of a rest camp in Pitsunda for children of volunteers killed during Georgian-Abkhaz war. The main object of the project is consolidation of relationship between Abkhazes and brotherly Adyg and Vaynakh peoples. This idea was supported by Council of Ministers of Republic of Abkhazia in the frame of Law «On social protection of invalids and families suffered in Patriotic War in Abkhazia of 1992-1993» which gave necessary amount of money for feeding and Boarding Houses Association Management of resort «Pitsunda» (R. Bagapsh and V. Argun) undertook to pay for staying.
Employee of Fund of Youth Ramil Azhiba was sent to the Nothern Caucasus in order to make a list of children and solve problems of organization. In this work a deputy of Karachai-Circassian Republic“s Parliament, Hero of Abkhazia, Mukhamed Kilba, representatives of Republic of Abkhazia in Kabardin-Balkaria and Adygeia Vyacheslav Ardzinba and Anton Arshba rendered help to him.
24 children and 15 adults from Kabardin-Balkaria and Adygeia already rested in Pitsunda (August 13-25, 1997). Unfortunately, representatives of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria didn“t take part in this project for reasons that didn“t depend on us.
Members of Fund of Youth (Vyacheslav Bartsits, Alexey Archelia, Vadim Mishelia, Simon Kvitsinia, Akhra Smyr) arranged for children trips, sporting and cultural undertakings. Employees of Centre of Humanitarian Programs (Elena Kokhabia, Aida and Anzhelika Ladaria) arranged for them studies according to the method of «game therapy» - system of psychologic, relaxing, teaching games which permit children to express their emotional state, develop their communication abilities, memory, etc. Senior referent of Republic of Abkhazia`s Council of Ministers Nodar Pilia. Irina Mikvabia from Ministry of education actively helped to him.
Almost every day representatives of Movement of Abkhazia“s mothers, Children“s Fund, administrations, dance ensembles, writers went with gifts to the children. In Sukhum the children met with representatives of Council of Ministers, Administration of the city.
It was a pilot project. Analysis of the camp“s functioning revealed shortcomings which will be eliminated in the future. In 1998 beaches of Pitsunda will be filled with joyful voices of children for whom Abkhazia became the second homeland. We plan to expand the project, it is possible that it will be a family camp. Children of volunteers will feel warmth of grateful hearts.

Employee of Centre of Humanitarian Programs
Republic of Abkhazia, Sukhum