Ancient Circassian settlement Khabez in Karachai-Cir
 kassia received with sincere joy participants of the First Inter-Republican festival of ancient Adyg song.
67 performers from Shapsug (now Lazorevsky) district of Krasnodar region, Kabardin-Balkaria, Adygeia and Karachai-Sircassia appeared on the stage in the frame of competitive program of the Festival. Among them there were well-known, honoured singers and young ones who only percieved  skills of singing, beauty and spiritual wealth of people“s song.
Initiators and organizers of the Festival were Adyge Khase of Khabez, International Circassian Association. Song was selected as a single genre of the first Adyg folklore festival because it is the first poetic experience of mankind and convincing testimony of artistic potential of a language.
As is known, the principal dialects of Abkhaz-Adyg group formed in I millennium B.C. The Nart epos - the main literary monument of Abkhazes and Adygs - is three thousand years old.
Having absorbed the whole experience of spiritual development of the past centuries these languages reached our days and gave birth to the richest verbal folk arts and written literature.
Consequencies of Russian-Caucasus war of XIX century - genocide and exile of Adygs and Abaza from their historical territories - interrupted process of their cultural development. After 130 years of existence in the condition of «dispersed nation» on the threshold of III millennium our peoples comprehend a danger of loosing their culture and language.
It is possible to avert this danger only if efforts of all Adygs and Abaza irrespective of countries of their residence are united and if they develop united spiritual space during the next decade overcoming frontiers and distances.
Festival of ancient Adyg song in Khabez is a step in the way to spiritual revival and unity.
...The first Inter-Republican festival of ancient Adyg song gave to its spectators and participants many beautiful moments. The most thrilling of them was performance of the youngest performer, singer from Kabardin-Balkaria Aslan Bisho. He sang an ancient song about Nart Badynokue whose age amounts to three thosand years. A hope for restoration of spiritual connection of epochs sounded in it.
Zarema K“arden