is modeller-designer. She works in the style of national Circassian clothes. She has several collections for most various trends which were displayed at the exhibitions, museums and educational institutes.
She is a teacher of special composition and history of costume in School of arts in Nalchik and also psychologist. She gives private lessons for modelling and sewing and performs orders for manufacture of exclusive models.

- I consider plastic national Circassian clothes so aesthetic, elegant and laconic that they don“t require changes of lines, proportions, details.
Stylizing them I, however, dare to transform details, break lines, change proportions in order to touch the beautiful and unclaimed in the modern interpretation of costume.
You see, Circassian style od clothes was always inimitable.
Representatives of many peoples tried imitate Circassian clothes but its essence always escaped them. I try preserve the essence of clothes only changing their general aspect.
I like to work by intuition listening to my internal voice but simultaneously I comprehend that a risk of self-delusion is great.
I like to alternate sewing with psychology in order to percieve more acutely what I work on. I don“t like narrow professionalism when work is done automatically. In this case I stop to detect leaps in consciousness (if it concerns psychology) and hardly have time to catch fashionable trend (if it concerns clothes).
I believe that skills in various spheres are base for applied arts and so I like to pass myself all stages of clothes“ manufacture.
I don“t think that there are people who create new trends in arts, science, literature. I think that there are people who perceive more acutely already existing information and interprete it more skilfully. I am glad that I manage to achieve something in this connection.