Clean and clear as a spring in mountains

I, my family - wife Zoya, daughter Na
 dezhda had a great luck in our life: we were familiar with an eminent scientist and a real man-mountaineer - Yury Khamzatovich Kalmykov.
I knew him as eminent scientist and a man of great culture long time ago. Yury“s  works were always distinguished not only by depth of ideas and high professionalism but also by adherence to scientific and human ideals and clearness of thought.
But only when we met in Supreme Soviet of the USSR while drawing up laws which - as we believed - would mark new epoch in history of our long-suffering Homeland I understood what meant combination of a great scientist and a real mountaineer with the most beautiful human qualities in one person. And I know that the work of «Kalmykov» Supreme Soviet of the «romantic period» in 1989-1991 will remain in people`s memory forever. It was at this time that in conditions of embittered struggle the first bases of democratic development of the country were laid.I have no doubt that people“s memory will also keep that important role which Yury played after dramatic events of August of 1991 and desintegration of the USSR in preparation of progressive provisions of the Russian Constitution, drawing up Civil Code and development of real democratic bases in the activities of Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation headed by him till the end of 1994.
And here the most important thing is Yury“s personality - clean and clear mountain spring capable to give faith, hope and love to all of us. I have a right to speak so because a real men“s friendship tied us together. This friendship passed severe tests during dramatic events of the Russian modern history - in August of 1991 when in front of our office“s windows roared tanks and the two of us swore to fight for the law till the end, and in November of 1994 when we took a position against bringing troops into Chechnya not thinking about our posts and careers.
All this didn“t pass without consequencies for health. My heart was operated on in time, and Yury“s was not...
His bright, clear image will keep in my memory forever.

Serguey Alekseev,
 corresponding member of
Russian Academy of Science, professor,
doctor of juridical science