On Behalf of Circassian people

On July 15-17, 1997 in Tartu (Estonia) V General Assembly of ONN (Organization of non-represented nations) took place in whose work official delegation of International Circassian Association  representing in ONN Adyg (Circassian) people took part.
Assembly considered matters of influence and achievments at the international stage and also ways of consolidation of achieved positions.
Principal subject of 1997 assembly“s agenda was increase of violence scale in intra-state conflicts and peaceful methods by means of which members of ONN could achieve the most positive changes.
Mr. Ramos-Orta, laureate of Nobel peace prize and ONN reward, called upon ONN members to use General Assembly for consolidation of solidarity in order to fight for common interests and rights together.
Assembly pointed out that for 6 years of  existence ONN enlarged considerably and, correspondingly, demand for services rendered by the organization increased.
Assembly spoke about necessity of recognition by the world community needs of non-represented peoples.
General Assembly of ONN solved organizational matters. Michael van Valt van Paag was again elected General Secretary of ONN.
Delegation of International Circassian Association was represented by General Secretary ICA Murat Khatukaev and member of Executive Committee ICA Eduard Kazanokov.

We present to readers“ attention text of speech of General Secretary of ICA Murat Khatukaev at V General Assembly ONN and «Resolution on situation of Circassian people» adopted at this session.

Dear ladies and sirs!
Dear mr. Chairman!
Dear guests!

I have the great honour to greet you on behalf of Circassian people.
We attach great importance to activities of ONN and recognize its important role for the world community.
After World War II necessity arose to create a body for peaceful solving problems between leading powers. So 50 years ago Organisation of United Nations (OUN) came into being which played important role for peace preservation in the period of «cold war». OUN also adopted very inportant document - Declaration of Human Rights where rights and democratic liberties of citizens are declared priorities.
However, it is difficult to observe rights of small peoples for participation in government bodies in democratic elections. And so Declaration remained just Declaration for the strong ones.
Human rights and rights of peoples are inseparably connected. But there is no common document which unites these rights. ONN could render great assistance in adopting such document on the international level.
Epoch of confrontation between super powers passed and epoch of separatist wars began.
Small and non-represented peoples remained beyond OUN and it is quite natural that ONN fills this gap. This organization performs very important function in fight of small and non-represented peoples for their existence, independence, preservation of language, culture, traditions and also in propaganda of non-violent methods of solving conflict situations.

International Circassian Association represents in ONN interests of Circassian people.
As a result of centenary bloody Russian-Caucasus war in XIX century considerable part of Circassians was annihilated according to ethnic and religious principles. More than 90% of Circassians who remained alive were expatriated beyond limits of their historical homeland. They left the Caucasus and found themselves in desert lands of Osman empire.
Now Circassians reside in more than 45 countries and those who remained in the historical homeland are dispersed in Krasnodar region, Adygei, Karachai-Circassian and Kabardin-Balkar republics.
Circassian Diaspora consisting of 4 million people is deprived of possibility to preserve its  language, culture, traditions. In most countries of Circassians“ compact residence there are no educational institutions where children could learn their native language. Absence of common alphabet for official intercourse of Circassians in their native language is also a serious problem. The principal object of International Circassian Association consists in spiritual and cultural unification of all Circassians.
Association requires from President, government and parliament of the Russian Federation recognition of the fact of genocide of Circassian people and granting double citizenship to Circassians in order that they may return to their historical homeland.
International Circassian Association appeals to the world community and ONN with the request to support these claims.
Some positive moments should be noted. Seizing an opportunity I would like to express gratitude to mr. Van Valt Praag for support of our claims and active peace-making activities in the Caucasus (in Abkhazia and Chechnya).
Furthermore, Parliament of Adygeia adopted the law «On repatriates» according to which support on the state level will be rendered to those who decided to come back to their historical homeland.
In June of 1997 Inter-Parliament Assembly of three Nothern Caucasus republics - Adygeia, Karachai-Circassia and Kabardin-Balkaria was founded for more efficient lawmaking.
It should be noted that structures, objectives and tasks of ONN, uniting 50 peoples, and International Circassian Association, defending interests of Circassians in almost 50 countries, are alike.
So, we have great interest to activities of ONN and are ready for constructive cooperation with this organization in the limits of its Charter.
In conclusion I thank you for presented opportunity to speak up and wish V General Assembly fruitful work. Thank you.

At V General Assembly ONN, according to proposal of General Secretary of ICA, leader of Circassian delegation Murat Khatukaev member of Executive Committee ICA Eduard Kazanokov was elected a member of Leading Committee ONN, responsible for sector «Eastern group, Baltic countries, countries of CUS»
Resolution of General Assembly of
Organization of 
non-represented peoples and 
General Assembly, V session
Otepyae                                          July 15-19, 1997
Resolution No 1
of General Assembly of ONN
on situation of Circassian people
General Assembly, after hearing report of  representative of International Circassian Association on situation of Circassian people and taking into account that:
- As a result of Russian-Caucasus war in XIX century Circassians were partly exterminated and 90% of people who remained alive were expatriated to Turkey, Jordan and Syria;
- Circassians which live beyond limits of their historical homeland don“t have possibility to preserve their language, culture and originality,
- the Russian Federation and the world association must recognize the fact of genocide of Circassian people performed in XIX century and grant to it status of people-exile;
- the Russian Federation must grant to Circassians double citizenship - of a country of residence and the Russian Federation;
- the Russian Federation must grant to Circassians opportunity to come back to the historical homeland.