Life as a happy instant

Yury lost his mother when he was 13 years old. Since  then his independent life began. In his childhood he read a lot. There was large library at home which had been collected by his parents - school teachers.
After graduating from medical school in Cherkessk he received in 1957 a diploma of juridical faculty of Leningrad university. Afterwards he worked for two years as a judge in Khabez, Stavropol region, and then studied again - in post-graduate course in Saratov juridical institute. Successful defence of candidate dissertation took place in 1963, in 1971 he became a doctor of science and in 1972 he was appointed head of sub-faculty of the civil law.
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Oktyabrina Kalmykova.

Yuty“s life was not easy. He had a lot of troubles. Against him letters were written, he was dismissed from his post and accused of plagiarism. Evil-wishers couldn“t stand that so young man had been able to become doctor of science, professor when he was 38 years old (among layer-scientists he was the youngest professor). How many commissions were appointed for check up of his works! But as soon as next in turn slander appeared Yury Khamzatovich began new monograph. So he saved himself from unpleasant thoughts and proved absence of any plagiarism in his works.
Life in Saratov was interesting and saturated. In the beginning we studied (I was a student, he was post-graduate student) then we work and brought up three children without any assistance. There were endless conferences, trips to other cities in a quality of opponent, chairman of State Examination Commission, etc.
But the most wonderful thing in his life was intercourse with people. He perceived griefs and troubles of other people as his own. He was glad as a child when we had guests. Very often, being himself a guest, he led all people to his house. When in Saratov scientific conferences took place their participants always were at us.
It was remarkamble and happy period of our life.
In 1989 he was elected a deputy of Supreme Soviet. Yury defeated such eminent competitors as  responsible functioners of CPSU and chairman of Council of directors of Saratov enterprises.
Students of the juridical institute liked Yury Khamzatovich very much. On the election“s day and night they watched at the polling stations and in the institute. When Kalmykov“s victory was announced this news was met with rejoicing. They wrote on placards: «Kalmykov“s victory is victory over administrative-command system!» Our home telephone rang uninterruptedly during several days. It was a great joy.
After he had been elected a deputy of Supreme Soviet of the USSR Kalmykov became utterly absorbed with work. He had no time to care for his health (since his childhood he suffered from hypertension that was, evidently, his inherited desease). His mother died of hypertension at the age of 39, father - at the age of 56.
Yury“s efficiency surprised me greatly. He could work 24 hours per day incessantly. He didn“t recognized doctors. All his medical treatment was reduced to taking medicines. He believed in destiny and told that every man would live as long as God determined.
Yury was a just man and never sought for wealth and privileges for himself. As one of his colleagues rightly said, Yury belonged to neither himself nor family, he devoted himself to people, their needs and expectations.
Once I was asked how he had become minister of justice. For some instants I didn“t know what to say. Yes, it was unexpectedness for him. Evidently, they estimated him when he was chairman of Committee for legislation of Supreme Soviet of the USSR.
We with Yury lived complicated but interesting and saturated with events life. Our interest always coincided because we both were layers specialized in the civil law. Yury was engaged in science and I - in practice. He gave me a lot for perception of the most complicated, voluminous and interesting branch of the law.
I considered myself as a happy woman because I lived together with such a man for 36 remarkable years which passed as an instant.
I can“t speak about him in the past tense since such people always remain in memory.

Oktyabrina Kalmykova