When we speak about Circassian (Adyg-Abkhaz) culture our object is revival of national kernel that is to say all those elements which were inherent to us as a nation. At the same time we understand that Circassian culture was connected with general Caucasus culture. And in that sense in culture of all peoples of the Nothern Caucasus there are such features which permit to speak about general Nothern Caucasus culture and common way of thinking
Yury Kalmykov
It is hard for me to write about this man, one of  my best
 friends, whom I was happy to know during 30 years and who is no more with us. He contained all the best human qualities which were granted to him by nature, his parents and Circassian people to which he belonged.
First of all, Yury Khamzatovich was embodiment of honesty and kindness to people, bearer of high moral principles. Conceptions of honour and dignity lay in the base of his relationship with others.
All this I experienced myself. Meetings with Yury Khamzatovich always brought joy, inspiration and desire to be like him.
Yury Khamzatovich Kalmykov is known as one of the leading experts in the USSR for civil law. In 70th and 80th years he created in Saratov well known both in the country and abroad scientific school of civil law. Results of his investigations on the matters of law regulation of market economy were used in drawing up Civil Code of the Russian Federation and other laws in the period of transfer to new society.
The last 8 years of his life Yury Khamzatovich devoted to the state activities. He did a lot for the country as a deputy and chairman of Committee for legislation of Supreme Soviet of the USSR and later at the post of minister of justice of the Russian Federation. All principal laws of the market economy, and in the first place Civil Code of the Russian Federation were drawn up and introduced under leadership or direct participation of Yury Kalmykov. Yury Khamzatovich, however, didn“t strive to become professional official and continued to give lectures to students and write books on problems of constutional and civil law.
Yury Khamzatovich passed to the state service, to my mind, for two reasons. He felt that in the  period of transfer to new society division of functions of scientist-layer and legislator is not useful neither for scientist nor for society.
At the same time, due to his natural qualities, Yury Khamzatovich needed in expansion of audience. Besides students and rather small number of readers of his books now he as legislator and statesman needed in audience of 150 million persons. He also paid much attention to the needs of Circassian people both in Russia and in Diaspora.
The heart of Yury Khamzatovich didn“t endure such a load. It was all spent for people.
Viktor Mozolin,
 doctor of juridical science,