As far back as in 1836 famous enlightener
  of Adyg people Khan Girey inquired with bitterness: «What means will we find in order to open past events where the past is absorbed in abyss of unknown, where curious descendants vainly listen to delusive echo of dark legends?» I am glad to inform readers that, as it seems, such «means» has been found - fundamental monograph «Land of Adygs» in popular form devoted to the history of Adyg people rich of events... What may be said about it?
First of all, it is an optimistic book. I would call it «Optimistic tragedy» by analogy with a well-known novel devoted to the period of Civil War. On the one hand it is hard to read it. It is filled with the pain for the tormented Homeland, for Adyg people which passed all circles of the hell during its long history.
And at the same time it inspires with pride for Adygs who were not broken by incessant enemies“ invasions, repressions, genocide on the part of Tsarist autocracy, expatriation and intolerable conditions of life in the homeland. One is proud for a people which could stand in unbearable conditions and preserved itself as a nation.
Reading this book one gets convinced more and more that the most necessary welfare for a man is a feeling of liberty, feeling of Homeland. This idea supported by huge pfoto material is one of the main in the book.
Again and again I return mentally to «Notes about Circassia» by Khan-Girey: «History of peoples is an important subject: studying it is not only curious but also necessary». I think these words might be also referred to «Land of Adygs» - a book which was expected for so long time. Good luck!
M. Kerashev
doctor of economics, professor,
academician of AMAS