Graduating from juridical faculty of Leningrad
 state university Yury Khamzatovich Kalmykov burst in science. Before that he had hard years. Yury Khamzatovich Kalmykov was born on Januaty 1, 1934 in Cherkessk, Karachai-Circassian autonomous region, Stavropol region. In 1949-1952 years he studied in Cherkessk medical school. In 1952-1957 years he was a student of juridical faculty of Leningrad university, in 1957-1959 years - people“s judge of Khabez district of Karachai-Circassian autonomous region. In 1959 he entered post-graduate course of Saratov juridical institute. Since then his life for several decades was inseparably linked to Saratov where Kalmykov was moulded as scientist and personality. Already in 1971 he became doctor of juridical science after successful defence of dissertation devoted to legal problems of self-financing. He passed all grades of institute scientist“s career - assistant professor, professor, head of sub-faculty of civil law of Saratov juridical institute.
Y.K. Kalmykov is eminent scientist, author of capital works on different problems of the law theory and civil law, co-author and co-editor of manuals and textbooks. Range of his scientific and practical interests was very wide. He covered general problems of legal regulation of economic relations, principles of civil law, economic and legal status of the national economy“s main links, civil and legal responsibility and many other. Y.K. Kalmykov was active participant of scientific conferences. Everybody remembers his interesting speeches aimed at solving urgent tasks of the state-legal building.
In 1989 Y.K. Kalmykov after hardened competition became a deputy of Supreme Soviet of the USSR for one of the Saratov electoral districts. Since then Y.K. Kalmykov“s state and social activities began. An institute professor, scientist-theorist, he revealed himself from the most unexpected side. Y.K. Kalmykov was elected member of Soviet of Union of Supreme Soviet of the USSR and became vice-chairman and afterwards chairman of Committee of Supreme Soviet of the USSR for legislation, law and order. In 1990-1991 he was chairman of Committee of Supreme Soviet of the USSR for legislation. At these posts Y.K. Kalmykov showed his worth as high-class professional and gained deserved respect of all deputies irrespective of their political bias.
In these years I participated together with Y.K. Kalmykov in drawing up large legislative documents including Law of the USSR on property (1990). I can say that Y.K. Kalmykov made substantial contribution to drawing these documents which were and continue to be a base for further codification of the civil legislation of the Russian Federation and the states of CUS. He showed himself as talented organizer and co-ordinator of working process and also loyal comrade and good friend.
After desintegration of the USSR“s structures Y.K. Kalmykov passed on to Investigation centre of private law attached to President of the Russian Federation to the post of vice-chairman of Council and in 1996 he became rector of Russian school of the private law. He participated in drawing up of Civil Code of the Russian Federation and other legislative documents. In 1993-1994 Y.K. Kalmykov worked in Ministry of justice in the beginning as assistant minister and then minister, member of Security Council of the Russian Federation. On December 7, 1994 he resigned after expressing disagreement with the policy conducted in the Nothern Caucasus including Chechnya. It was act of high civil courage. It is significant that list of officials who signed obituary for death of Y.K. Kalmykov was open by President of the Russian Federation. Was it a form of tardy excuse and recognition of mistakes.
Y.K. Kalmykov combined responsible work in the federal structures with public activities in the Nothern Caucasus. Son of the Caucasus, he suffered from ethnic conflicts which raged there in the last years and did his best to return peoples of Caucasus to united family of Russia“s peoples. It, without doubt, undermined his health.
Y.K. Kalmykov gained high titles of Honoured Scientist of the Russian Federation (1991) and Honoured Layer of the Russian Federation (1994). However, the main thing is not titles but creative legacy left by him which is still not estimated. He died like a man, in his homeland, going down  airplane“s ladder in Mineralnye Vody from where he had been going to Cherkessk to conference of the Caucasus“ peoples. He was buried in his native land.

Yury Tolstoy,
doctor of juridical science, professor