Dear compatriot
You belong to the Adygei, Abkhaz and Abaza people who are known all over world as Circassians and added a glorious page to the history of the world civilization. Their centennial heroic struggle for motherland, freedom, honor and pride; (the deaths of hundreds  thousands people, the destruction of ethnic psychology, and the loss of country which was the home of our ethnic genesis and evolution for thousands year) has been turned into a tragic defeat.
When the dissolution of the Caucasus people became official policy, the exiled were forced to live in other countries and our people were threatened with near extinction. Until present day we continue to contribute to the political and economic needs of our adoptive lands, and it is clear that we are used to enrich the quantity of those nations that we are living with. Whilst neglecting our true ethnic origin. According to official estimates, in fifty years time, the Circassian language will no longer exist in practice. Perhaps the only way to avoid this is through the repatriation of the old Circassians so wishing to return to their motherland.
In the Caucasus our people live in four separate Republics, no suitable conditions exist as yet for the consolidation of former unification, nor an agenda for national interests that benefits every member. And so, they are leaving their state for other states or places in Russia or even abroad in order to have a better fortune. We need to find a common economic and political solution that provides well educated and professional circassions with an opportunity to fulfill their potential within their homeland instead of elsewhere. The waste of potential clearly results in brain leakage and loss of capital and a scarcity of intellectual developments; working to dilute, or weaken, our common genes.
For those who stay in their homeland, the centralization of power means that Local Authorities are unable to tend to their specific interests; there are no provisions for social an economic support, and as such, little opportunity for personal fulfillment in well paid occupations or for the realization of higher goals.
Each Circassian should face up to his own responsibility regardless of where they live; we must unify the Circassians in order to provide a global definition for national interest and to allow a real revival of Circassian culture.
The International Circassian Association was organized to tell about Circassian problems to the rest of the world. So, and after more than one century of silence, we are able to make our voice heard by the whole world. We told about a people in need of help solving their problems. However, to speak about it is not enough. Currently, membership fees are not an inadequate means of sustaining the foundation, we need the financial support of all the fellow compatriots and assistance from other industrial and financial organizations. In order to be in word and deed not just by word of mouth, our association need to have a very strong financial and material base. It is not enough to have regional organizations and cultural centers to depend on their support only. Maybe we can make a very interesting program, but we can not achieve anything without an effective support of the native industrial and financial sections, as well as, those abroad.
Each member should understand that we, as a people, are in the process of development and we need a common sympathy if our culture is to survive. We have little time to reflect and doubt, we must protect our heritage by becoming a component in the process of revival. To whom the destiny of his children and grandsons is dear, and to those who went to preserve their nation, are responsible to bring in their feasible contribution to rebirth our nation because it need a very huge amount of materially support. The time has come to collect our strength and to protect our culture for future generations. The practices of other organizations has show us that it is essential to maintain constant sponsorship, and that without this we cannot solve our national problems nor realize our aims for revival.
According to the resolution of the Congress, on the 25.10.1996, The International Circassian Association registered with the Russian Ministry of Justice as:
1. The International Circassian Foundation, (Agenda For The Rebirth Of The Circassians) reg.¹3307.
2. The International Circassian Voluntary Organization. reg. ¹3305.
Both organizations have opened accounts in the town of Cherkesk, accounts with the banks of Nalchick, Sukhum, Maykop, Lazarevskoe, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Germany, USA and other countries. The accounts are opened to everybody and any amount is acceptable, however, we hope primarily for financial support from all Adygei, Abkhaz and Abaza people. Each Circassian should make the suggested contribution of $ 1 per. annum. We implore you to assist in the formation and maintenance of the foundation; all financial assistance will remain under the control of you, the sponsor. We believe that all the Circassians will unite in strength to realize the common aims of the Foundation and to ensure the heritage of our future generations.
International Foundation For The Rebirth Of Circassians.
Please contact: National Museum of Republic
of Adygheja, Sovietskaya str.229
Maykop 352700 Republic of Adygheja
Russian Federation tell/fax 87722-24295