was born in aul Indjich-Chukun. He graduated from Moscow literary institute named after A.M. Gorky.
He is author of 25 collections of verses and poems in Abazin, Abkhaz and Russian languages, Honoured Culture Worker of republic of Abkhazia, people“s poet of Karachai-Circassia.
We congratulate him on his 60th anniversary and wish him good health and successes in his creative work.

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I see Elbrus.

Over daybreak darkness,

where time runs swiftly,


with bare grey head

met the sun

not risen for us.


As if hearth,

Burning over the Caucasus,

It is reflected

in aul“s windows.

And burning from it


wings over mountain land



Mountains are dark,

and ravines are black,

night sounds

rush about vaguely in them,

But from its burning head

the sun generated by morning

gushed out.



is not accesible for the weak ones and is strict,

it calls the strong ones

to rise and fight!

Elbrus has the only God -

the sun!


The sun rising over the world!


And without worship before it,

it shines itself,

filled with the sun,

hope for the heart

and faith for the mind

it reflected on mountaineers“ faces.


I see Elbrus.

Under steep blue

pines light up with its bronze.

Earlier than others


that meets the sun,

later than others

it sees it off.


Translation from Abazin