Svetlana Tlisova

Step into

the third



One parable narrates about a wise man who after receiving fruites of his labour divided them into three parts. The first part he gave to his parents, the second one left for himself and the third one gave to his children in such way providing for his future and future of his children.

Future can“t be imagined without high skills, fruitful ideas and creation.

Whatever difficulties face Russia now we must do our best to preserve the principal components of civilization - education, science and culture and transfer these eternal values to the youth.

With the view to preservation and development of intellectual potential Russian scientific and social program for the youth and schoolchildren «Step into the future» is carried out for seven years now.

In 25 regions of the country Coordination centres of this program function which are under direction of Central Council of the program. They arrange congresses of young researchers.

Works of young researches performed in the problem laboratory «Mathematical simulation and computer technologies» of Karachai-Circassian Technological Institute were marked by diplomas of the 1st degree and laureates M. Aisanov and R. Razov were adopted in Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman without exams. Now they study there successfully.

This year by efforts of Republican Ministry of general and professional education, Karachai-Circassian Tecnological Institute and Karachai-Circassian State Pedagogical University Republican Coordination Centre of program «Step into the future» is created.

The republic was invited to the fifth All-Russian scientific conference of young researchers «Step into the future».

At this conference schoolchildren and students of all years of study will be able to take part.

Laureates of All-Russian conference will become participants of National competition of European Union“s young scientists. The National competition“s winners will become participants of the Russian Federation“s team for the Tenth competition of European Union“s young scientists which will take place in Portugal in September of 1998.

Perpetual striving of a man to come to very essence is ineradicable. Active participation and successes of students and post-graduate students in the 2nd scientific practical conference of Karachai-Circassian Technological Institute which took place on November 11-15, 1997 served a good testimony of it.

Seeking for new materials with special physical and chemical properties, influence of high power beams on their properties, problems of crystal optics - here are tasks which young researchers, students and post-graduate students solve today in our laboratory with the help of new computer scientific complex.

Only time will estimate your labour. Don“t be afraid to enter ocean of the unknown. Dare!


S. Tlisova,

doctor of chemistry,

head of problem laboratory

«Mathematical simulation

and computer technologies»